The Jewel In The Indian Ocean

Ayubowan!  And welcome to Sri Lanka


Situated just off the southern tip of India, for thousands of years Sri Lanka has been regarded as special – a jewel in the Indian Ocean. The description “jewel” isn’t merely metaphoric. On the contrary, through one of its ancient names “Serendib”, Sri Lanka gives rise to the English “serendipity”, the ability to make joyous discoveries by accident. From ancient times, the earth of Sri Lanka has yielded gems stones of exceptional quality, prized by all from the great Ming emperors of China to countless other traders, who have left their own distinctive marks upon the country. Such riches have a resounding echo in an island of outstanding and often wonderfully unspoilt natural beauty – from sparkling seas and endless miles of sandy beaches, to jungle rich in wildlife and to amazing mountain scenery. If nature has richly endowed Sri Lanka, man has added to such natural endowments with layer upon layer of mythic, cultural, religious and architectural wonders and delights.

From amongst these, just a few that may be mentioned are the impressive fortress rock of Sigiria, the outstanding archaeological remains at Anuradhapura and the awe inspiring Buddhist carvings to be found at the ruins of Polonnaruwa. To all of this, add a graceful people, warm, hospitable and generous, and a spicy and delectable local cuisine and you have an intoxicating mix calculated to intrigue, entertain, interest and charm the visitor.
This tropical island is guaranteed to captivate your imagination, as well as your senses!

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka, the jewel-shaped ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, offers golden beaches, tropical jungles and lofty mountain peaks. In the lush interior you’ll find verdant tea plantations said to produce the best cup of tea in the world, while the island’s ancient Buddhist heritage offers tranquil temples and a fascinating past to explore. Walk with the elephants in Yala National Park, explore the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and set your taste buds alight with the fresh flavours or Sri Lanka’s exotic cuisine.

Things to do

With its never-ending coastline and tropical climate, Sri Lanka makes for the perfect beach holiday destination. Stay and relax in our elegant, environmentally aware jungle resort and explore Sri Lanka’s many natural and historical sites by booking one of our tours. On tour you’ll see any of the sights you choose as they can be tailored to meet your exact requirements – we don’t tell you where to go but are happy to advise, from the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth in Kandy to the incredible cave temples of Dambulla, the wildlife parks such as Yala and Bundalla, and the Udawawella Elephant sanctuary. Take the train from Ella to Nanoya Junction through the mountains and then down through the tea plantations where you will be offered a perfect cup of your favourite brew.  Part of the fun is planning your own tour to suit your tastes.

If you prefer to explore more locally there is the Cinnamon Island a must first thing in the morning as you watch the sun rising, then learn how your cinnamon sticks are made all the while absorbing the bounteous nature all around.  Will you, as we did spot a water monitor?  Or how about eagles, kingfishers and bee eaters – truly a twitcher’s paradise.  There is also a turtle sanctuary nearby as well as a working moonstone mine.  For those that are interested there is also a large statue of Buddha built to remember the lives lost during the Tsunami on 26th December 2004 as well as a Tsunami museum nearby.  Only a short distance away is The Longest Reclining Buddha – recently restored it is a wonder to behold.  The list of possibilities is endless and far too long to include them all here!

10 Good Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka (as if we haven’t already given you enough)

  1. Diversity
  2. Different people
  3. Cultural heritage
  4. Different festivals year round
  5. Wildlife
  6. Different adventure and special interest sports
  7. Different, delicious food
  8. Ayurveda and spa
  9. Different shopping